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Sweet Words From Members

Being naked is my lifelong therapy! I feel free, myself, sexy and confident evey time I get naked at home, on the nude beach... I connect better to Nature and with other people.

I got that I shouldn't use my weight or self image as something to stand in the way of goals I have for myself. That I should work toward them with confidence thanks to BFI.

A lack of body confidence has held me back in the past and I occasionally still have these issues but thanks to BFI, I'm able to push past this and live a life of freedom and liberation.

    Body Freedom International would not be where it is today if it were not for the testimonials, feedback, and the love that we have been blessed with within our community.

    You are our light, our navigator and the voice whereby Body Shame will be normalized. Your voice is the key to building Body Freedom in our community.

    Below you will find an array of testimonials, ranging from individuals declaring how nudity is their medicine to current and past clients who have experienced Steph and her powerfully freeing coaching services.

    If you are not yet convinced of the freedom and comfort it is to live a life powerfully connected to who you are and the skin you are in, read what our warriors have to say. And if that’s still not enough, jump onto a call with our Founder & Head Coach, she would love to hear from you.

    Please note, that most of these testimonials are anonymous due to the sensitive nature of Body Freedom International.