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Meet The Head Coach

Stephanie McManus

Heyya I am a body empowerment coach for body conscious individuals. I serve humans just like you who are ready to finally step into their full potential and best, most liberated life. People who want to more deeply explore who they truly are when no one is telling them who they “should be”. What does living in your full authenticity look like? Let’s explore this together and make it happen!

About Stephanie

Registered Nurse, Eating Disorder Survivor, Entrepreneur & Body Empowerment Coach

I spent 10 years drowning in the world of eating disorders and body dysmorphia. Whilst deep down I knew I was more than just a body, I couldn’t help but control my body and its imperfections in order to feel wanted and accepted.

It was lonely and frustrating, so I decided to take radical responsibility for myself and choose to own all of me, even the parts I wish were non-existent. I did a naked photoshoot that focused on transformative personal growth. It was powerful.

Through my decade of pain, finding nudity as my medicine, and the wealth of personal and professional development, I became a body empowerment coach delivering confidence, ownership and acceptance to the many people I’ve been lucky enough to serve.

Your love for yourself is just one perception that resides in you right here right now, and I am here to strip back your conditioning, to help you recognise and celebrate your unique, authentic self.

As a trained coach you can count on me to challenge you in the best ways and help create the version of you that you are yearning to unleash.

I am a powerfully genuine human 100% committed to helping you finally step into your version of you with confidence.

So what version of you do you want to see? Who are you committed to being in your life? And what are you waiting for? There are many ways I can help no matter where you are on the journey of Body Freedom.

Body Liberating Programmes

Having you escape your life of mediocrity, numbness and shame and step into belonging, freedom, liberation and LIFE! Let’s be Naked and ignite your untamed, natural essence of self.

Where I've Been Featured

Sweet Words From Members

We pride ourselves on our healing, transformative message where you have a chance to live life fully, embracing all of who you are and the skin you are in. Come check out our testimonials from all walks of life. They discovered nudity as their medicine and you can to.

Your quality of life is our testimonial. – Body Freedom International

Being naked is my lifelong therapy! I feel free, myself, sexy and confident evey time I get naked at home, on the nude beach... I connect better to Nature and with other people.

I got that I shouldn't use my weight or self image as something to stand in the way of goals I have for myself. That I should work toward them with confidence thanks to BFI.

A lack of body confidence has held me back in the past and I occasionally still have these issues but thanks to BFI, I'm able to push past this and live a life of freedom and liberation.

    Rising the vibration of self-love in this world

    Your relationship to self is THE underpinning behaviour that establishes the trajectory of who you are, what you do and how you experience and live life. Steph is here as your BFI founder, thought leader and coach to reignite your naked truth mind body and soul. You get to choose right here right now, to raise your vibration of self-love. So come on, what are you waiting for, come see how BFI can heal and unleash you.

    Supporting those at risk of Eating Disorders

    Steph’s purpose in life is to prevent anyone from going down the dark tunnel of self-loathing and eating disorders she stumbled into. Steph sees mentorship as a privilege and she acknowledges every single human being who is brave enough to speak out. Giving back is how we get to raise the vibration of our world.

    Empowering local community through leadership

    Every human being is made up of infinite possibility beyond who they know themselves to be. Steph combines her passions in travel, transformation and leadership to empower those around her to step into their greatness. No matter ones age, ethnicity and background one is a global leader!

    Being an international leader, breathing body empowerment all over the world.

    Discovering your naked truth in mind body and soul is a human phenomenon and Steph has the privilege of travelling the world sharing the positivity of Body Freedom to every corner of the world. She has lived in India, Kenya, UK, NZ and now Costa Rica

    *Costa Rica in person events coming soon

    A life committed to loving who we are and the skin we are in

    Steph has a moving story where she flipped her body image from unfulfilled expectations to abundant acceptance for who she is in the skin she is in, and transformed her darkness into a movement. Come check out her story, she’s a human just like you.