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It’s time to finally step into your confidence and accept all of you, even the parts you wish were different.

Are you obsessively worried about how you look?

Or always seem to believe you aren’t good enough?

Or hoping to one day find happiness, self-worth, and confidence to be you, exactly the way you are?

If this sounds like you, you are in the right place!

Discover the 5 pitfalls that trap you into thinking you’re moving closer to your accepting and even loving your body.


Heyya this is Steph your Body Freedom coach for body conscious individuals. I serve humans just like you who are ready to create their best lives and stop obsessing about the number on the scale, to finally start existing unapologetically just the way they are.

Lets transform your life into a miracle.

 “A miracle is a shift in perception” – Marianne willams

Once upon a time I was plagued by the expectations of how I should be in this world due to my age, occupation, gender, body shape and size, my British accent, dark hair and the list goes on. – I lost who I wanted to be, and through labels, trauma and judgment was left believing I was broken. I was ashamed of who I was and the skin I was in, yearning to be fixed. It wasn’t until I found nudity that I discovered my image in the mirror was not just a visible reflection, rather a reflection of the inherent beliefs I created for myself about myself.

Being naked was my tool for driving up all of the deepest, darkest thoughts about me so that I could deal with them once and for all. AND AND wait for it……. At the same time (not after) I got to see the thriving, unleashed, confident Steph that I had been yearning to experience for decades.

Being Naked put me on the path to live a life that is fulfilling on all levels. I want the same for you. I am a stand for you to be who you truly are, do what you love and have what you want. You are here to be the main character in your life’s story and be fulfilled knowing you’re living your best life. Living a life that works begins with you

Find your perfect body through acceptance & confidence.

Body Freedom Pro Program

Body freedom Pro Will have you:

  • Disconnect your body image from your self-worth
  • Experience being the best dressed in the room regardless of how you look
  • Stop overthinking about others & start focusing on you and what you want.
  • Erase the feeling of not being good enough
  • Free to meet new people, in both social and dating settings
  • Choose your body and find its beauty
  • Be different as a super power!

What makes Steph & her Body Freedom coaching undeniably powerful?

The key Body Freedom philosophy:

The art of Being Naked is rather distinct from Getting naked….. & here is why.

Body Freedom Intl & Steph’s signature coaching is for you to discover being naked with you and for you. This isn’t about who is watching or whether you have the kahunas to streak down the street without a care in the world.

Rather her coaching is about you going within, allowing yourself to witness you in your raw flesh, and discover how to accept all of you.

This is your chance to boldly uncover YOUR naked truth in mind, body and soul, with yourself!

How to get from where you are right now to your ultimate body & life confidence.


Being Naked physically to drive up the thoughts and beliefs you are unconscious of.


Being naked in mind, disabling the thoughts that keep you trapped in a body and life that does not serve you.


Being Naked in soul, unlocking the true you that has been hidden under your conditioning.


Being a Body Freedom Pro, building a new set of core beliefs that keep you grounded in your natural essence.

This is what you get by registering into your Body Freedom programme

‘Being Naked’
tool kit

Your launchpad! Providing you with precise tools that will enhance your being naked journey in mind, body and soul.

Coaching calls with the Body Freedom Master & Founder

Where the rubber hits the road! This is where you powerfully distinguish the trap you are already trapped in and unleash a version of you that was always within.


Your life line! As you move through the programme you have someone right there holding you to account and listening to you as the powerful, confident and free human you are.

…but wait there is more. Alongside our core components you will also have access to...

The three tiers of the Body Freedom programme

Online ‘Being Naked’ ToolKit

  • Fill This In With Something
  • Fill This In With Something
$ 699

Body Freedom Forever Package

  • 8 month Group coaching programme
  • Fill This In With Something
Inquire For Package Price

Body Freedom Forever Package

  • 12 week (1 on 1) coaching with founder.
  • Includes Toolkit & BFF Packages
Inquire For Package Price

This is your opportunity to have certainty, clarity and confidence in who you are and the skin you are. It’s time to grab your life with both hands and finally put to rest the gnarly thoughts and beliefs you have collected along the way, and inhibit you from living your confident life powerfully grounded in who you truly are, doing what you love, and having all that you want.

You are so much more than your labels, the person who you think you have already become and the societal norms that you automatically live in to.

You are the main character in your life story, you might as well live like one.

This is a chance for you to live inside of your naked truth, separate from your labels, your identity, generational doctrines and so much more.

The Highly effective, transformative tools behind Steph’s Body Freedom method

If you experience yourself ‘sticking out’ like a sore thumb for all the wrong reasons, or left frustrated in a body you wish looked different, or find yourself settling for second of third best…

This is your opportunity to surrender to every improvement you have tried thus far to build your confident body. That means your weight tracker, your scales, your diets, self-help books and so much more.

I invite you to surrender and explore Body Freedom.

We will have you take radical action towards you achieving your perfect body and life of confidence… You just got to think outside of the box. 

Still not sure Here are some highlights from our community who discovered their naked truth

Young and happy people with sparklers

Still not convinced, book a call with me and figure out whether Body Freedom is for you

Frequently asked questions

Yay you have made it this far!

You’re now asking what is the financial investment for elevating your relationship to self and the body you have.

If this is your final question before you powerfully say YES or NO to your Naked You! – Mind, Body Spirit program, book a call with me, Let’s get you off that fence!