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About Body Freedom Intl.

Body Freedom International is a body empowerment movement and not-for-profit, recognized for serving body conscious individuals to discover their naked truth in mind, body, and soul through coaching and community.

We are interrupting the conversation that you need to be fixed and changed, and bring forth a revolutionized view of nudity so that it is your medicine in having clarity, certainty and confidence in who you are and the skin you are in.

“Beauty begins the moment you start to become yourself.”

Coco Chanel

Our mission is to serve body-conscious individuals to discover their naked truth - mind, body and soul - through coaching and community. Having one distinguish their self-worth from their body image, and unleash one’s natural essence of self.

BFI Vision

Our vision is a world of self-expression, where everyone experiences freedom, comfort and confidence in living life fully embracing who they are and the skin they are in. 

Focus the goal on the horizon

BFI Goals

Have a sustainable, transformative, credible coaching business whereby we are the gold standard for one discovering, accepting, and owning who they are and the skin they are in through nudity.

Be of service to our community – Your quality of life is our testimonial.

Be a non-medical treatment for mental health, and a go-to provider for anyone at risk of eating disorders.

Have an international voice speaking at institutions providing a flexible body image conversation that frees generations.

Having graduated and Body Freedom Alumni lead the Body Freedom Intl. movement and the success of its future clients.

Contribute to and advance evidence-based practice in the realms of nudity and its medicinal impact on body image and mental health. 

Be the endorsement for brands and products highlighting their flexible body image message.

Find Peace With BFI

Nudity is Medicine

Your Body, Your Home

Our Community First

Healing starts within.